Articles with brass handles -Tin lined. A complete series of shapes and sizes which guarantee surprising results and satisfy the most refined needs of culinary enthusiasts. solid copper, thickness from 1.5 to 2.5 mm, tinned over fire by hand. Handles in highly polished solid brass, assembled with wide rivets.

Articles with cast iron handles - Stainless Steel Lined. A thin layer of stainless steel, applied to the internal surface of a solid copper body guarantees inalterability and simplicity of use - Pans and Splayed Sauce Pans are 2 to 2.5 mm thick for easy handling. Casseroles and Sauce Pans are from 2.5 to 3.5 mm thick for intensive use.

A prestigious grouping of classic beauty, these pieces have an essential design to satisfy every culinary request from kitchen to table. Hand hammered solid copper, hand tinned over fire, and finished with handles of polished brass, the Opera range is the perfect and timeless marriage of beauty and function.

Specialty Copper Cookware, these hand crafted articles are for preparing confections, delicate sauces, and Italian specialties such as polenta and risotto.

Bain-Maries, Zabaglione Bowls, Egg White Bowl, Polenta Pan, Risotto Pans, Tools, Sugar Pans, Butter Melters, and Chocolate Fondue.

During the 17th century the use of molds was widespread and the inventiveness of the craftsmen created an infinite number of shapes and sizes.

Our collection reproduces the shapes of antique pieces from Italy, Austria and England.

Made of solid copper, tinned over a fire by hand and finished with an artisan's hammer, we invite you to start a collection.


Kitchen Jars with Copper lids to funtionally decorate the kitchen.